Seeking Professional Help

At this point in time, abortion trauma/grief is too confronting for most health professionals. The majority have no training in abortion trauma/grief healing, prevention or even identification. However, progress is slowly but surely being made.

Counselling, support groups and weekend retreats are being offered on a small scale throughout Australia. Please click Our Services for referral information and contact details.

If you are unable to have access to a counsellor skilled in abortion trauma, other therapist, such as grief /trauma therapists may be able to help if they are open to abortion trauma.

We suggest to phone first, to enquire if the counsellor is experienced in abortion trauma. Their tone and response will give an indication of their ability in this area. If they have no experience, but genuinely seem open to abortion grief/trauma, take our information with you. If they understand the principles involved and have good skills, they should be able to help.

Note: Abortion referral agencies and institutions have conflicts of interest because of their role in facilitating denial and de-humanizing the unborn, are inappropriate venues for abortion grief therapy.